Athlete’s Foot Natural Remedies To Get Cure From Bacterial Infection

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Athlete’s Foot Natural Remedies

The bacterial and fungus infection athlete’s foot attacks the feet, especially between the toenails. It may also spread to the sides and sole of the feet. It is caused by the fungus that breeds due to warm and wet environment. After reading the name, you may think that it is the disease of the athlete’s only, but the truth is anyone can get this infection due to many reasons which will be explained later in this article.

Pay Attention towards Symptoms:

The fungus usually thrives in dead body tissues. The poor ventilation system is also a cause of getting athlete’s foot. Symptoms of athlete’s foot include itching, scales, inflammation on skin or peeling skin. In some cases, red rashes also become the cause of irritation. If you do not pay attention towards these appearing symptoms then could be weepy blisters on feet causing pain.


It is the infection that spreads easily so, do not scratch the affected part of the feet. Otherwise, the infection may become worse and spread to the other parts of the body. Sometimes fever also becomes a symptom of athlete’s foot. Your foot may swell in athlete’s foot.

All the rashes are not athlete’s foot. Be careful while diagnosing the infection. It is suggested to visit the doctor to confirm that whether the infection is athlete’s foot or not.

The Reasons for Getting The Infection:

Though this fungus infection can be cured at home using Athlete’s Foot Natural Remedies but, it is important to know the causes of getting into this infectious problem. You get the infection when you:

  • Keep the feet wet and damp
  • Walk barefoot on the contaminated surface
  • Share clothes, towels and socks with affected person
  • Have an immune system that does not prevent infection
  • Have diabetes
  • Wear shoes that becomes sweaty
Natural Remedies:

Following are Athlete’s Foot Natural Remedies that can cure the infection:

  • Myrrh oil has been using by Egyptians for skin care. It has the anti-fungus, anti-inflaming, antioxidant and antiviral properties. Apply the few drops of Myrrh oil on the affected part of the feet twice a day. It will reduce the itching and pain.
  • Wash your feet properly and apply the paste of water and baking soda on the affected area of feet. When it dries wash your feet.
  • Take salt add it into the boiling water. Then soak your feet in the solution (not in the boiling water). If you find the Epsom salt, it would be more beneficial.
  • Lemon juice is also an anti-fungus ingredient. Wash your feet with lemon juice it will reduce the unpleasant odor from your feet. It will also kill the fungus.
  • Baby oil helps to reduce the dryness caused by the fungus. Apply the baby oil on your feet for a few days.
  • Take some cinnamon sticks and break them. Add these sticks into the boiling water then soak your feet in that water for at least half an hour.

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