Hope For The Best And Become Healthy Rather Than Becoming Fat

Posted on September 23, 2018 in Health by

While peeping through the window of my mind’s eye, I see darkness all around me. Chances of changing the man’s mindset seem quiet gloomy. No hope, no revival. It seems false beliefs and ignorance has curtained today’s man minds. Despite knowing the fact that everyone of us has to die, we assume as we would live forever. Paying attention to our diet and health have become our least priorities. We are least bothered about the illnesses associated with our daily diet. We think as we would live forever and there are no chances of being vanished and for the very same reason we pay no attention to our diet. But the truth is other way around. We should eat to live rather than to live for eating.


Everywhere around the globe stress is given upon eating less, eating quality food and work more to burn the food one has eaten. But despite these efforts only a small percentage of the world population thinks and acts sincerely upon it. What’s the reason for lack of interest? Why man isn’t taking the issues seriously? Why isn’t he worried about his future? The main reason is that we are delivering the lectures and seminars but in a manner which is not attractive for the people. Excess of everything is bad and so is the case with these awareness programs. We are putting too much effort but again the results are fruitless. If someone pushes something into your minds again and again, soon you would become fed up with that and you would find it boring and would start hating that thing. What should be done? Should we lose hope? Shouldn’t we arrange awareness programs anymore? No that is not the answer for this. We should do all sort of efforts but in a way that ends results come out fruitful. We should deliver fewer lectures but those should be interesting and eye catching for the common people. Modern world is a busy life. Everyone is so much busy in his domestic issues that he cannot make out time for such seminars. He would consider it useless unless and until we don’t make it interesting and attractive.

Certain steps can be taken in order to make our work more useful and beneficial for our common men, some of which are as follow

a. Media should take full responsibility and help in covey the message through programs and channels.

b. Those who find the health reduction plan useful and helpful should be appreciated in every forum and should be even rewarded.

c. Posters and banners should be pasted in markets and streets so that people remain in touch along with doing their own works.

d. Doctors and health professionals should properly educate the patients visiting them during their routine hours.

e. Obese and fatty people should be motivated to carry out activities which would make him more popular among the people of his society.

f. Elders should make examples of their own selves for their children and should prefer working with their own hands.

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